Happy Freakin’ New Year??

Yeah, yeah, I know.  That’s almost a cuss word… whatev.  It’s sums up my feelings for the year so far.  Yee – haw.  I spent most of the Christmas break sick, so it’s like I sort of missed the whole thing.  Today Alan was sick with it… we pretty much sat around and did nothing… oh, football, of course.  Cause that is a thrill to me.  And I’m thinking "so it begins…"  sigh.  Then I spent some time yelling at my daughter for losing her favorite Christmas gift – less than a week after Christmas!!  Geez, she’s 13 years old!  She can’t keep track of a ring?!  I was sooo miffed at her… and to be honest, I’m not sure why.  I mean, because she’s careless?  Sure.  Because I’ve spoiled her and "things" come way too easy?  Yeah.  Because "things" mean too much to me?  Maybe.  Because I loved the silly little ring as much as she did?  Perhaps.  I don’t know.  Then I spent awhile in my room, crying.  And I could have done that for far longer than I did – but then people would’ve started asking questions…. told me not to feel the way I feel…. ugh.  I soooo need my own house, my own space.  More than a bedroom.  Yeah.  No sign of that happening anytime soon.
Here’s hoping your New Year is off to a better start than mine!

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