Still plugging along

How cute are these two??!
I think this may be my last post on Windows Live…. later this week I am going to try to make the move to WordPress.  Because, hey, why not?  And maybe – just maybe – I will start posting again on a regular basis… because I am the proud owner of a Brand Spankin’ New Lap Top!!  Haha!  My first laptop EVER!  Yeah, that’s lame, I know…. but I’ve always been a ‘desktop’ kind of gal.  Until we began living in a home that’s not our own.  And I have no room for a desk on top of which to put a computer.  Since Alan is starting his own business, we were able to justify buying a new computer, since we will have all that information we need to put on here.  (Yeah, that’s our story and we’re sticking with it)
As far as all the other crap in my life… well, I just keep moving forward.  As if I had a choice.  You might think there are choices… well, I guess there are… but not ones that I feel are viable.  Or apropriate.  I need to be where I am, so here I will be.  And that is that. 
In other news, it’s snowing.  It’s sort of early for that here, but I don’t mind it.  What I mind is that Christmas is coming and I don’t have a home to decorate.  I will really, really miss my Christmas things this year.  I adore Christmas… and all my Christmas paraphanalia.  Not that it won’t be Christmas without my stuff….or without being able to buy stuff… or gifts…. because we have no home and no income.  But, okay, I’ll admit it – I LIKE buying stuff.  There, my dirty little secret is out!  And, well, just spending several days digging out all my decorations and a few more days putting it around, and cutting down a tree, and enjoying that smell, and putting all my wonderful ornaments on it…. sigh.  My mom has a fake tree that looks like a bottle brush.  I wish I was exaggerating!  My life is sooo far from where I thought it would be at this point in my life…..
Still, I am thankful for a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, and food to eat.  Life could be worse, by a long shot.

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