Oh my goodness! Windows Spaces is going away?!

In a way, I’m not upset… after all, as I have read more and more of other people’s blogs, I find ‘spaces’ to be pretty lacking in the way it looks…the style of it all.   In fact, I set up a Blogger acct.  quite a while back and that one looks way cooler, even tho I’ve barely been on it or tried to fix it up much.  The problem is that in doing so,  I basically quit blogging because no way can I keep up with two, but I didn’t really want to leave ‘spaces’.  So now I have to!  Hah!  That’s what I get, eh?
I’ve never done much with WordPress.  Any one have any thoughts on it?  Other than the supposedly ‘easy’ part of moving from here to there, what do I need to do with this place?  I realize it will all just ‘go away’,  so do I need to save my friend list, or my pics (altho, my pics are already on my computer so I suppose they are alright).   Well?
On to other ‘news’.  Yes, we moved back to Idaho.  No, we haven’t got jobs, or a home, or jack-diddly-squat.  What we do have is family who loves us enough to feed and shelter us until we get back on our feet.   And we have a storage unit full of stuff that I am beginning to look at as rather ridiculously useless crap.  Oh, sure, not all of it… maybe only 50%?  Although someday, if I ever again have a home of my own, it’s going to be like Christmas getting to unload the things I do actually love and haven’t seen in a very long time now! 
Kiki is back at the home school co-op and loving it.  She is crazy-obsessed with all things Narnian (the Chronicles of Narnia book series by C.S. Lewis) and I wonder how much is too much some days.  She dresses in either a plaid skirt and sweater or woolen trousers and a button-up shirt with sweater vest (as in the Pevensie children circa 1940’s)  She’d prefer to dress in their Narnian outfits but that kind of stuff is hard to find at the store!  She has also begun archery lessons.  Yeah, it’s deep.  It could be worse things, I suppose.   Vampires or some such. 
Alan is, I think, rather depressed.  He absolutely hated his job in Virginia, so was glad to leave, but not being able to find anything here is, of course, discouraging.  He has also been having some severe back pain, and that has kept him flat in bed a few days.  I finally have him going to a chiropractor and hoping that will fix things.
As for me, I am a bit bored (can you believe I would actually be glad of some housework?  Yeah, it’s that bad, not really having those things you have to do!)  I have been trying to be helpful around my parents’ home, earn my keep a little.  Still, it’s not the same.   Which reminds me…. I bet the laundry is ready to come out of the wash and into the dryer, so I will say goodbye for the moment!

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