What to do, what to do…

Alan actually has a Saturday off, (YAY!!) so we are trying to decide what to do… on the list is:
1) Monticello in Charlottesville
2) Gettysburg
3)Lancaster County in  Pennsylvania
Or, after last night’s melt-down after I balanced the checkbook (which went something like "we can’t ever spend any money ever, EVER again!!) Alan is thinking we should stay home and lounge by the pool… oops.
I’m not sure what I want to do the most….  I did a report on Monticello in jr. hi, because I loved President Jefferson; so that’d be cool.  But, I am of German descent, so the "Pennsylvania Dutch" areas sounds pretty cool to me  (my ancestors lived in that area and then on to Ohio when they first migrated to America, just a couple generations ago).  I think Alan is leaning toward Gettysburg; he’s the "battlefield" guy.
Anyone have any experience with any of these areas?  Any suggestions?

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