A real vacation…??!

We’ve made reservations to go to the beach!  Yay!  Okay, it’s only for four days, not a whole week, but still I am awfully excited!  It’s been quite awhile since we took a family vacation.  I mean, sure, last year we had the 5 day "cross country move" but that wasn’t a real vacation, even if we did sleep in hotels and stop to see Mt. Rushmore.  Which was totally cool, but, still! 
Since coming here, one of my goals was to get to the ocean, since I have always seen the Pacific Ocean, never the Atlantic.  Although now that I think of it, it was probably the Atlantic Ocean I was on when we went to Cancun… is that correct?  Huh.  I suppose that would explain why the sun came up over the ocean in the morning… I thought that was so bizarre, since being a western girl means the sun sets over the ocean.  Okay, so I’m looking at the Atlas and it shows Cancun being on the Caribbean Sea… ooooh, so I’ve been to the Caribbean?!  I am cooler than I thought….  
But, I digress….
Yeah, so we’re going to the beach!  I thought I would have made it there before now, but it’s not as close as I thought…. I  mean, Virginia is a coastal state so I figured an hour or two and there we’d be… but, it’s more like over 4 hours.   First we are going to Chicoteague, which has been a dream of mine since growing up a horse-crazy girl and reading the "Misty" books!  No, we don’t get to go for Pony Penning Day, which would have been the ULTIMATE, but, still, it’ll be great.  Just to be in the place it all happened, and to see the wild ponies – well, I’m really happy.  Then we will cross the bay (taking the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel, which freaks me out) and will spend a couple days in Virginia Beach.  Which I hear is all touristy and such, which is totally cool by me!  That is the sort of beach I grew up with, and although I adore the Oregon coast now, it will be so fun to be at a beach that is actually hot and where you go in the water!!  That’ll be a first for Kiki.  We are going the middle of July, so I’m praying for no hurricanes… there is something that was never a concern in California!

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