Can I just set my storage unit on fire?

Seriously, I am tired of going through – make that, attempting to go through – the stuff in my storage units.  Really, do I need it?  Well, yeah, a lot of it…. but, yuck.  I’m trying to sell a bunch of stuff on Crai*slist, and sheesh have I gotten a lot of stupid and annoying responses!  Wow.  The last three days weren’t too bad, because we’ve had a spell of not-too-hot and not-too-humid weather, so at least I wasn’t in total panic mode from the sweat dripping down my body… but that probably won’t last long! 
Speaking of my body, I’ve lost over 10 pounds!  No, not from sweating, lol!  Kiki and I started Weight Watchers, and we are doing pretty good so far.  Well, maybe not this week – it was Alan’s birthday, and he insisted on homemade cake and going out to eat…. jerk.  Okay, not really, I mean, yeah it was his birthday… but, still.  I’m not deep enough into this ‘eating plan’ to survive that, yet.  But we got back on track today, so we’ll be alright.
Weird how stuck I am on… well, being stuck.  I mean, there is a big part of me that almost wishes that we weren’t moving; a part of me who could stay right here in this tiny apartment – well, forever.  Because that would be…. easier.  Comfortable, somehow, to my crazy psyche.  The thought of all the effort that comes with moving is freaking me out.  Which is strange, because we have moved soooo many times, and I never felt like this before.  Well, except for last year when we moved here.  That’s why I finally had to hire movers to do a lot of it for me, because I was panicked into immovability.  Which may not be a real word.  I’m not sure what my problem is.
Well, off to bed – WW in the morning.
Some things never change!  No matter how many hairbands I pick up and put in the drawer, the cat always seems to find one…. and they always end up here….

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  1. Good luck on the move, just finished helping my mom move from her house in the country into an apt. in the city. No fun at all.

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