“Well, at least it’s a dry heat.”

Guess what?  I totally get what that means now.  I used to hear people say that (generally when I was complaining about how stinkin’ hot it was) and I always thought "yeah, I am sure this is sooo much better ’cause it’s dry…..)  However, now that I live in Humidityville, I totally get this statement!  If it’s hot in Idaho, (or, California, or Utah, or Washington state…anywhere I’ve lived before) you sweat like crazy, that sweat evaporates, and guess what?  It cools you down.  Here, you get hot, you sweat, you…. get wet and stay hot.   And get swamp-rot.  Urghhh. 
I am supposed to be going through our storage units and getting rid of at least 1/3 of our "stuff".  Which is fine; we totally have too much stuff.  But, it’s already hot and sticky at 7am!!  Yuck.
The good news is the reason for the push to eliminate excess accumulation:  We are moving back to Idaho!!  I will be back later to fill y’all in on the details! 

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  1. It has been far too long since I\’ve been a regular in blog land – at least making any efforts where that is concerned. I soooo miss reading your stuff and hearing about Kiki (gosh time flies!)….I felt so totally disconnected seeing that you are not in the West but alas, that is to be corrected it appears! I\’ll have to "visit" again since I\’ve abandoned so much of what was/is a blessing in blogland.Take care,B

  2. Hi Ann,I am so glad to hear you are moving back home. I think you should let me know as you are passing by in your wagon train heading west!Looking forward to the details…

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