It’s a great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there

I guess this sums up how I feel about the Greater D.C. area.  I mean, there is so much to see and to do… but I want to go home now.  Not because there is anything wrong with this place, it’s just….. not home.  Not the West.  Which I can’t explain, it’s just a feeling I guess.  I do hate feeling poor, though.  We actually live in the most expensive county in the entire United States.  (How did we manage that??)  People here live in mansions.  The average household income is twice what we make.  The next counties on the top 5 list are all surrounding counties.  Which tells you what??  Yeah, they (meaning our taxdollars) waaay overpay government employees and contractors, which is what this place is mostly comprised of.  It’s insane, seriously.  I’ve always considered myself more or less middle-class, but here I feel definately on the lower-class scale – dirt poor, if you will.  I hate that.  I mean, in the past, in earlier years of marriage, Alan and I have struggled – we’ve been "digging in the couch for milk money" poor… but I never felt it like I feel it here.  Again, it’s not something I can really explain….  I am also tired of talking to employees – service employees – who can’t speak english.  I have never felt so prejudiced as I do now.  I mean, if you are supposed to be giving me help, customer service, and you can’t understand what I am saying…. in the language of the country in which you are working…..  Again – I can’t really explain how that feels, but I have had it up to here with that. 
On another topic, anyone who’s read this blog at all will get a great kick out of what I am going to tell you next.  We desperately need some money (it is no good living somewhere with tons to do if you can’t afford to do any of it) so I’ve been looking for a part-time job.  I found a temporary bit…. cleaning and organizing someone’s house.  Okay, so if you know me – is that about the craziest thing you’ve ever heard??!!  Yeah, I know.  But it’s a homeschool mom with a pack of kids who is moving out of country in a couple months and needs some serious help getting it together.  And if she knew me very well she wouldn’t have agreed to hire me on!  But, truth be told, it’s a lot easier when you have absolutely no attachment to the "things" involved…. we’ve been making some progress, and I’ve been making a little money.  It won’t last long, then I’ll have to find some sort of "real" job, but it’s a start.  Altho I hate having to go to work when I’ve got a home and a homeschool child of my own that need attending to…. but that’s life.
I have been dieting – eating very healthy – for a month now.  Both Alan and Kiki have lost about 10 pounds …. I’m up one pound.  I am soooo tired of my body!! There is something wrong with it, and it’s very frustrating.  If I can’t lose one stinking pound in a month, why did I give up Ben & Jerry??  I miss those guys….
Well, that is my little update for any of you who actually still come around.  I don’t know why I don’t blog more….

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  1. I am so glad you are back, I check in every so often and have been wondering about you and hoping you are okay. I know what you mean about "home".

  2. Hi Ann,I\’m so glad to hear your update. I\’m sorry things aren\’t better though. Do you ever watch Dr.Oz? I love his healthy eating tips. Also,I can totally understand you helping that gal get organized. You have awesome creative and organizational ideas. When you\’re somewhere else it IS much easier to get things in place and not get distracted.Check out Mariah\’s new haircut picture. Made me think of Kiki. (I didn\’t post her other pics \’cause she was wearing her basketball shirt with the school name on it.)Yayy for Kiki and Alan and Yayy for you for eating healthy. I need to get back on track. (sounds like a broken record from me! Grrr) Oh well, it\’s an even year and tomorrow is March 16th. The best I ever did was walk 5 miles daily with a friend starting March 16th in an even year! By summer I was feeling pretty fit! I must have ocd or something! hahahaBut tomorrow I will start walking!!!!!Love and hugs,Jacque 🙂

  3. Are you getting some exercise in? Seems we don\’t lose the weight without the exercise sometimes.I\’m so sorry you are homesick. It\’s hard to be like Paul – content in all circumstances.Bless you and your family. Hang in there.

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