Snowmageddon… Lol

Yeah, that’s actually what they are calling it here!  Funny, I guess it’s because they just aren’t used to that much snow around here.  To be honest, it looks like a typical Idaho mountain winter… but then, they have all the equipment for it, so that really makes a difference.  Around here, the roads are horrible, the schools are closed for the whole week, DC practically shut down the government – we actually didn’t get mail on Saturday!  What’s up with that??  Isn’t their motto "Not rain, nor snow…" or something like that? 
We didn’t have any trouble with power or anything, although our internet connection was really spotty all day.  Horrible, right?!  The worst part of it  (besides the dog walking)  is that it took us 4 hours to dig our car out!!  And we don’t have assigned parking here at the apt., so some jerk stole our spot today!!  That is just rude, after all that work – no way would I park in a spot someone else dug out!
Anyway, I am going to post some pictures in an album – it is pretty amazing!  And it’s snowing again now…. uh oh.

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  1. What beautiful shots, Ann! So beautiful. You need to get a traffic cone to safe your spot when you dig out. Some people use folding chairs, too. It may not work but, then again, it may! Looks like the dog had a blast!

  2. Hi,Loved the pictures!No blowing snow today and it was actually pretty nice.The kids are better and hopefully will be back in school tomorrow.Thinking about you…

  3. Oh my gosh, that is SO funny! I actually saw a stool and then a chair in a couple of parking spaces here at the apt. complex, and I was like "huh, why is that there?" and then I thought maybe they needed it to reach the top of their car to get the snow off… it never occured to me that they\’d put those there to \’reserve\’ their spot, lol!! I\’ve never lived somewhere I didn\’t have my own space, so I\’d have never thought of that! Oh, I am sooo gonna do that next time (which may be soon…. we\’ve gotten another 2" tonight so far!)

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