Still cold, snowing out!

Actually, I love snow.  I mean, if it’s going to be all grey and cold out, at least the snow keeps it cheery!  Around here, most people seem to have seen enough snow this year – the fact that we got a year’s worth in one weekend seems to have been plenty.  Since we were out of state and missed that blizzard tho, I say "bring it on"!!
I am finally feeling better – I spent the better part of three days in bed, but that seems to have, for the most part, cured me.  Alan, however, is not doing well at all… so bad, in fact, that he has finally agreed to go see a doctor tomorrow.  For him to do that, you can guarantee he is feeling near death!  I was actually unable to sleep for awhile last night, listening to his labored breathing…. he’s probably got pneumonia or something!  Sheesh.  Had he gone to the doctor when I told him to… like, a week ago……
I am seriously considering giving up homeschooling – for the rest of this year, at least.  Kiki has become far too isolated.  I have tried and tried to get her (and I) connected with other homeschoolers in the area, but it seems nearly impossible to do that here.  I’m not sure why.  But, she has nearly no peer connections whatsoever, and that is really bad – for both of us.   The problem now is – as ever – financial.  I will not put her in public school, and the cost of private Christian schooling in this area is crazy expensive… so, short of some kind of miracle, I don’t  know how that would happen.  I mean, if I could get her accepted first, so she’d be taken care of somewhere, then I could – hopefully – find a job and pay for it… but it’s hard to find a job first, since she’d be here alone… plus, with only having one car, we’d really have to make sure the hours mesh up for all of us getting here and there at the designated times.   So, heck, I don’t know…  but she’s such a social, friendly kid, that I feel like she’s withering without some friends here.  You know, it’s so hard being a mom!!  Moving was so much easier when it was just Alan and I.
I think we got rid of the dog’s fleas.  Oh, I probably didn’t tell y’all about that little sweetness, eh?  Well, we had a pet sitter for our trip to Idaho – a young boy we know from church was going to come over, feed the cat and the dog and take the dog out for her walks.  That first weekend was the weekend of the big blizzard, and the kid’s mom, worried that they wouldn’t be able to get to the apartment for a few days, decided to take Merry over to their house instead.  Which was fine, I mean, better than the pets being here with no food or water (sure, the cat would be fine, but it would’ve gotten kinda messy and gross if the dog couldn’t go out!!) so, that was okay.   They loaded the cat’s dish up with food and left the toilet lid up just in case (ewwww) and Merry got to discover that if you lay underneath a high chair, food falls from the sky!!  Oh, yeah, she didn’t mind living with them for a week, not at all!   She even slept in one of the boy’s beds, the spoiled thing!  There were just two problems:  1, they didn’t take her food, so they fed her their own dog’s food.  Now, if you change Merry’s food too quickly, she reacts in a rather violent way – that is, violent trauma from one end or another!  They didn’t say, and I didn’t ask,  but I can’t imagine that she didn’t make some sort of gross mess in their house!  2, turns out their dog has fleas.  Niiiiiice.  The night we got home, I was giving her a nice pat, and she immediately started scratching – she’s never done that.  Right off, I was like "oh, no…" and sure enough, I rubbed her fur backwards and there were little crawly bugs on her… ick!  The very next morning we got some medication and took care of it… it’s taken about a week, but she seems to be clear now…. we’ve got two months more treatment in case there are any eggs lying around – and hopefully the cat doesn’t pick any up, or we’ll have to medicate him as well.  So, that cost us an extra $50.00……. so far….
Later on, the mom apologized – she said, "oh, your dog might have gotten fleas from ours…"  Now, like I said – I appreciated the fact they went the extra mile and took our dog to their house, to make sure she would be taken care of… and indeed, the weather had them stuck at home for a couple of days, so that was great.  What I can’t understand tho, is how a pet owner can know their dog has fleas, and yet choose not to do anything about it.  Not only is it miserable for the dog, but she has several kids, one of whom is a crawling baby… even if you don’t figure the dog matters so much, I’d think you wouldn’t want your kids getting bit…. and their dog is an indoor dog…. that just seems weird to me.   But, the dog had a nice visit, is none the worse for it…. to be honest, I think Merry was a little miffed at us for being gone – she acted really weird for a few days – but  I guess all is forgiven now, as she seems to be back to normal.
Well, I guess I ought to shuffle off to bed now!  I just looked out the window, and the snow is still falling and coating the ground – it’s so pretty!

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  1. I do hope Alan is okay. We only got a dusting of snow. Praying for wisdom for how to deal with the homeschooling situation. hugs, g

  2. I agree about the snow making things brighter. I\’m in a part of Vancouver Island that gets mostly rainy and grey days in the winter. We don\’t get much snow at all but rain by the buckets. I agree with you about the other dog owner not doing anything about the fleas as well. You\’d think that she would do something about it. When your pet has fleas there\’s a lot of cleaning up to do in the house as well as the pet so maybe you could google it and find out how to avoid having more trouble with fleas. I enjoyed reading your post.

  3. Hey Ann,Hope things are clearing up for you. No fun dealling with fleas…….or head lice. ewwwHope Alan is better, too.Good luck on the school situation.Prayers for all of you.Take care and hang in there,

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