Happy New Year!!

Wow – 2010.  For a person of my… uhm… maturity…. that seems truly science-fictiony.  And weird.
We had one more "whoopdidoo" of a New Years Eve, like always.  Big partiers, that’s us.  I guess the cool thing was that ~ the ball drop in New York?  Real time happened when it was MY actual midnite!  Yay, Eastern time!  First time for that one.  Then we went to bed.  Yeah, yeehaw.  Actually, Kiki asked to stay up all night – well, I guess that’s exciting when you normally have a bedtime!  Alan and I were like, sure, just don’t wake us up!  So, today she slept all day, and Alan is sick.  Oh, yeah, starting the year off with a bang, lol. 
At least I got to watch the Rose Parade.  Always brings back good memories, of going to watch it with my Grandparents (they lived in Pasadena) and working on the floats with the "Petal Pushers" as a teen, and even sleeping on the sidewalk in a sleeping bag with a group of crazy friends to stake out our viewing spot for the parade in the morning.  Good times. 
So even tho the year is starting out with too much TV (already, but I’ll forgive ’em since they’re tired and sick {me, I’m just sick and tired!}) I hope this year will be one of good changes for us.  And for you!

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