Only 6 days!!

Gosh, it’s nearly Christmas!  Are you ready?  I’m as ready as I’m going to be (actually, we are only doing stocking stuffers here in Idaho, and will have another Christmas on New Year’s day back in Virginia (it didn’t make sense to buy gifts, fly them here, then fly them back!) 
Wow, have you been watching the weather?  Looks like we got out of town just in time!  Crazy snow in the Nation’s Capitol and our home area of VA.  I have to admit, tho – I’ve never been in a blizzard, and am actually a little sorry to be missing it!  Silly, huh?
Our petsitter actually got up at 4am this morning and went and collected our dog to take back to their own home for the weekend, because they weren’t sure they’d be able to get there again for a few days!  The cat’ll be fine, they say they left plenty of food and water for him.  I thought that was sweet of them, and I am sure Merry will be happier there with some people to love on!
If I don’t slip back on here ~ 
Merry Christmas!!  Christ the Savior is Born!!

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