Good… and bad

The good is this:  The decorating is done, and it looks nice.  Really nice.  Better than I expected!  Take a look:
Even the cat got in on it….
The bad is this:  We are broke.  I don’t mean not rolling in money, I’m talking digging-out-coins-to-buy-milk broke.  Seriously.  I did that yesterday.  It’s 10 days until payday – I have NO dishsoap (not for handwashing or the dishwasher).  I have about 10 loads of laundry but no fabric softener, and probably not enough detergent for all that.  We’ll be eating cold cereal, grits, and carrots all week ’cause that’s what we have.  Which is stupid!  I am nearly 50 years old!  We went thru this when we were newly married – I thought things were supposed to get better….. Honestly – I should’ve stayed in Idaho with Kiki and hoped Alan could come back someday.  It’s not like we are enjoying each other’s company even.
But worse, far worse, is today.  We were supposed to go into DC to see a USAF Christmas concert… I have free tickets.  This week they lit the National Tree, so we were going to go see the lights and all afterwards.  But, we can’t afford the gas, and we can’t afford to pay to park.  So, we are sitting at home.  I am so disappointed!  It was going to be our one family Christmas event, and now we can’t do it.  Sometimes life stinks.  I know, it could be worse…. but right now, it feels pretty bad.

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  1. Okay, Girlie, right now, let\’s get down on our knees and thank God for what He is going to provide. Okay, I am chancing my husband thinking I am insane by getting down on my knees right here and right now. Thank you dear Lord for what you are going to provide for Ann and her family. You will not give a stone to your child who asks for bread so I am asking that you give them just enough like your servant asked at the end of Psalm 138. In Jesus\’ most precious name I pray, amen.

  2. Oh, Ann, things have got to look up in 2010 – let\’s all pray for that. What\’s going on with Alan\’s business? Are they feeling the economic crisis like everyone else? Do you think he will hang in there, or will you all be moving back to Idaho? I wish your family the best with lots of holiday wishes…hang in there! Caty

  3. I remember having to turn down work, because I didn\’t have the gas to get TO work.It is not fun at all.I hope it gets better for you soon.

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