Update on the Virginia clan

Hello Everyone!
Just thought I ought to let you all know how we are doing.  The short answer is "fine".  Nothing particularly bad or wrong going on…. in fact, we are finding lots of things to see and do.  If this was a vacation, it’d be great!  However… since it’s not a vacation, but a new living circumstance, well, it’s not quite as fun.
We have done a ton of stuff, things that, growing up on the West coast I never thought I’d do!  We’ve been into Washington DC ~ where  we’ve walked the National Mall, visited the National Aquarium, been to some Smithsonian museums, the National zoo… we’ve visited Mt. Vernon, Luray Caverns, Skyline Caverns, taken the Skyline Drive thru Shenandoah National Park, been to the Civil War battlefields at Manassas and Balls Bluff, been to Harpers Ferry, and visited Williamsburg.  All this stuff has been amazing, and we’ve got a lot more we are going to try to do!  In fact, next Monday Kiki and I are going on a field trip to Gunston Hall (another famous plantation, as were Oatlands and Morven Park, which we’ve already visited). 
So all of that has been great.  That, and seeing deer nearly every day grazing along the side of the road, as well as groundhogs, which are totally cute!  The other day we even saw a turkey – and we found out he’s been in the news, because he keeps chasing cars in the area!  He either doesn’t know it’s nearly Thanksgiving, or he does know and he’s pissed! Lol. 
We’ve also been trying to keep busy – on Tuesday nights Kiki has an apologetics class (no, that’s not ‘how to apologize.’  it’s how to defend your Christian faith in today’s world).  On Thursdays we do childcare for a women’s Bible study at church (I get my ‘baby fix’ for the week) and on various other days she’s had art class and game days with other homeschoolers and field trips and library visits….
And yet, we seem to spend waaaay too much time sitting around the apartment watching TV.  I have a really hard time getting Alan and Kiki both up off their bums to get out and do something.  I have no desire to do anything around the apartment – decorate, clean, organize, cook, whatever.  The  thought of going to the storage unit actually makes me naseated, it’s that bad.  It’s like a long-term hotel stay, and it’s depressing.  That’s the whole problem, with the other’s TV and all…. we are all struggling with the blues, wanting to be back in Idaho with the ones we love.  It isn’t even Idaho so much – of all the places I’ve lived, it’s not the top on my list of where I’d live if all else was equal.  But, all else is not equal, and our family and friends are there, and we want to be there as well.  The other problem is that we are soooo poor.  Which makes it hard to go and do all we’d like.  We knew it would cost more to live here, but the research we did didn’t really prepare us for the reality.  It’s gross.  Do you know, we live in the "richest county in the US"??  Yeah, what were we thinking?!  I have no idea what people around here are doing for a living, but somehow even the other SAHM families are bringing in way more than we are. 
Depression doesn’t do much for losing weight, either.  Sitting in front of the TV seems to always include eating, and we also tend to eat out alot, and buy junk food and goodies, for a temporary good feel.  So dumb.  Also, right after we moved here, Alan’s company took away all company vehicles from employees on his level, so if I want the car for the day I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning and drive him to work.  And I am so not a morning person!!  Then on days we stay home, Kiki and I sleep til like, 10am, so my body is all screwed up, sleep-wise.  I’ve been struggling with alot of intestinal issues (which, y’know, you’d think would help me lose weight, but noooo….). 
So, there it is!  The good, the bad, the ugly…. our life is alright, it really is, but we are feeling a little sorry for ourselves.  I think it’s a little worse with the Holidays coming up, and not being able to do all the ‘traditional’ things that make those times special to us.  I know it could be way worse, and I am trying to keep it in perspective.  Some days are easier than others!
I posted pics from the next leg of our trip, if you’re interested

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  1. Oh, sweetie. Excitement, longing, sadness; you are running the gamut! I really need to get down there to visit you! It will be a while but maybe next spring?I didn\’t know until now you were in Idaho. Good job of keeping your anonimity! Maybe you can get together with another homeschool or church family for the holidays. Have you found a good church yet? We are looking for people to share our Thanksgiving with.As for how I feel about the holidays, I wouldn\’t mind them if people didn\’t get so stressed out. If everyone stayed within budget and just enjoyed the season for the reason of it I would love it! Instead I see people overexhausted and overextended. It is a shame.As for the homeopathic route for Bells, I think it is a great idea. It is up to her mom, though.I pray for contentment in your life, dear Ann. Have you thought of doing the Love Dare? It might help! hugs, g

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