Amazing Autumn

I want to say "thanks" to everyone who checked in to see how I’m doing…. things are better.  Life is very up in the air, but I feel better, anyway.  Our weather is fabulous, the leaves are beautiful, and….well, that’s it, but that’s enough for now. 

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  1. great to hear things are great. I keep getting these at my talkzone that was on the microsoft network but the space is not mine anymore since I moved the web site to another server. If you stop by at this id you can sign up for alerts and then I can get these there also. Are you still in the little place? I\’m still sharing space with my friends which is hard and I can\’t wait till we all get our own places again. Waiting for the right set up is what we are doing. No sense getting something that will not be right for the long run. Glad you are enjoying the fall. I\’m surely not going to miss winter here in Texas this year. That New York winter was just to cold and damp for me. THis will be heaven. LadyJ

  2. Something about beautiful fall weather with the sun shining, bright blue sky, vivid colors of the leaves and a touch of crisp to the air to make you feel glad to be alive!Happy to hear you\’re feeling better 🙂

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