I could just use your prayers tonight.  Things are really hard, and I feel like that old depression is trying to sneak back up on me.  I so don’t want to go down that road again!  The banks are giving us a hard time with the ‘short sale’; we are losing our shirts and still they want more… we may end up just losing the house.  I don’t think I can bear another round of bankruptcy.  Alan feels like he’s made horrible choices that have eventually brought us here (and, really, he has.  I haven’t just laid that out on him as such, but it’s true, and I’m having a hard time not being angry with him right now).   Kiki’s hands are cracked and painful with her eczema; she’s struggling with her OCD thoughts…. I am trying so hard to eat right but haven’t budged an ounce… and Kiki is getting chubbier as well.  I feel so old and tired.

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  1. Ann,I know it\’s hard but please keep the faith. Things never stay bad forever. I know now it looks so gloom, but I just want you to know I will keep you and your family in my prayers.God Bless You!Gail

  2. It is so hard to not be bitter when the husband makes (what seems to be) wrong decisions based on wanting to support his family. God is good and faithful. Been where you are now; and though the light seems non existent, it is there. Keeping you in prayer.

  3. Oh, Ann. I hurt for you. Praying that you don\’t go into that abyss again. Forgiving him will free you. I promise. If you want to talk about it please send me an email and I will call you.

  4. Hang in there Ann. It is always darkest before the storm. The Lord knows your needs and will work things out… all in His time. Praying for you….Dory

  5. Don\’t give up. If you keep trying, you will get through his. Trust me. For years, I have suffered from severe anxiety and Seasonal Affective Disorder (Seasonal Depression). I relied heavily on medications to deal with this, but when the economy crashed, I had no choice but to give up the meds. I won\’t deny that it was hell the first few days (Suddenly stopping a medication like Zoloft is a HUGE shock to your system.), but I got through it, thanks to three things: Friends, family, and Hope. The latter is the most powerful. Even without friends, Even without family, hope will fill you with the urge to survive and keep your head above the water. No matter how rotten things are, things will eventually change if you have hope.Take care and God bless,Ben

  6. Thinking good thoughts and hoping that this passes and you get your home sold without having to go to bankruptcy. We short sold in 2002, it wasn\’t fun, but I know where you are right now. Big hugs.Beccahttp://rebeccaonewordatatime.blogspot.com/

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