School is in session!

Alright, so we didn’t do a LOT of school today.  I would call it sort of a "soft start", in a manner of speaking….   Because, you see, I didn’t have any money to order text books.    So we did what we could.  We did our devotions, we did some reading, we’ve gotten some books from the library, and we are going to journal every day, so we made journals to write in, and we began them.  Oh, and we are going to go to the apartment gym every day to exercise, so we did that.  And I gave Kiki another lesson in "laundry" today – part of this year’s learning is definately going to be "life skills"!  Tonight, she had a class with a local homeschool group on ‘apologetics’ which is basically, how to defend your faith.  This one is taught by Ken Hamm from Answers in Genesis (via video, with group discussion).  It seems like a nice group of kids, and even though I took her there basically kicking and screaming, in the end she admitted she enjoyed it and is glad we’re going. Sheesh.
Here is how we made our journals:
The idea was to take plain composition books and make them pretty!
So, we chose some coordinating scrapbooking paper (2 per book)
This is probably the hardest part, as there are so many cool prints to choose from!
Kiki used a Christmas theme on this book ~
You just fold it over to size ….
Glue the corners, then the edges….
And viola!  A beautiful, custom journal!  You can add ribbons, or stickers, or buttons, or….. but we may just leave them as is
Kiki chose an autumn hue on this one ~
Here they are!  Fun and easy…. and no one else will have the same one 

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  1. I have a lot of homeschool days (years) like that. Life skills is AWESOME!! my boyscout was the only new kid that could make mac & cheese by himself, yeah…. Praying for you

  2. Mariah would LOVE this idea!!!Mariah is learning to make mac & cheese and a lot of other things too. Yeah, that life skills thing is definitely good! Jonathan really loves to cook which is a great thing to know. He reminds me of Alan when he was six. Alan is a wonderful cook now. (his wife loves it!)Keep sharing your creative ideas, Ann, I\’m taking note.

  3. There are lots of free curricula available. Check out,,,, Some of these are yahoo groups tat you must sign up for the newsletter, but there is a wealth of info. Also, is just what it says it is. always has a free resource of the week, also. I have found ublic domain textbooks and readers online for some areas. I hope the school year goes well, and the you are settling into your new home.Christine

  4. Hi Ann, Thanks for visiting my Space. My wife does most of our home schooling as I am so busy working. We use the A Beka curriculum. I like the Journal idea. Maybe I will show this post to my wife.Have a nice week.Gerry 🙂

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