Oh-my-gosh!!  I can’t believe I am finally here again!  Yes, I’ve had internet for awhile now, but  I also had like 8 million emails to wade through, not to mention, well, I just have a freakin’ lot of work to do!  When I’m not crying, or feeling sorry for myself, or trying to figure out "why are we here, again??"  Yeah, well.  You know. 
But all that aside, here I am!  And, here are some random thoughts about  my life at the moment:
Virginia is nice.  It’s very pretty.  It’s way too stinkin’ humid.  I don’t want to sound, well, prejudiced or something, but way too many people here can’t speak understandable English.  And those are the ones who work everywhere.  I’m constantly going "What?"  "Huh?"  "Could you please repeat that?"  It’s annoying!!  I do still live in America, right??
It’s so hard to be a mom right now.  It’s hard enough, just the prepubescent drama – one minute Kiki is my sweet little girl, the next she’s a snarling sassy little – poop.  Then  it’s the whole "I  have pimples and I’m fat and my clothes are horrid and I hate my hair and………"  But put that on top of her being so sad and lonely, and bursting into tears that she "just wants to go home" and well, being an exhausted mom of an infant or frustrated mom of a tantrum-throwing toddler was waaaaay easier than this!
It is so hard to move to a place much smaller than you came from.  It’s much easier when all your boxes go into your house, and then you slowly put stuff away.  Here, we barely have any room, and storage is non-existant in this apartment.  So, we have two storage units crammed full, and we are slowly going through and basically getting the bare minimum we need to live with and bringing it over a little at a time.  First, it’s hard to find stuff.  Second, it’s stifling in those storage units, so I have to go over at 6am and then I can still barely do 1 1/2 to 2 hours before I’m soaked with sweat and wiped out.  Yeah, 6am.  They took Alan’s company car away, so I have to take him to work at 5:30 if I want a car during the day.  I’m not even going to get into the whole work situation.  sigh…. 
The packers I hired did a horrible job.  It’s truly by the grace of God that, so far at least, most things made it here relatively unscathed.  Sheesh.  One big problem – rotten labeling.  We have gone through every single box in the one storage unit, and have yet to find Kiki’s precious (not to mention expensive) babydolls.  She’s still at the stage of feeling that they are sort of "real", and it’s really upsetting her that they are "lost" somewhere in storage.   I am kinda freaked out that they are packed under something heavy, and in the heat their little vinyl bodies are warping and being destroyed….. I get kinda sick to my stomach each day when we go to dig thru some more.  I keep praying that the Lord would reveal them to me, but so far, no good.  Pray for me.
Our apartment is nice, even if it is tiny.  Hardwood floors, wood burning fireplace, washer/dryer in the unit, a nice pool in the courtyard.  We have life guards at the pool – is that weird?  It is to me – I’ve never heard of such a thing!  Our apartment even has a tiny little office, which is great for the computer and for school…. the downside to that is the office is the space that in all the other units is the storage room –  hence, no storage!  Ah, well, I like the office. 
I’m going to start posting some pics, of the move here and of stuff we’ve seen around here.  I am going to try to get "back in the swing" of posting on here!  Thanks to all of you who have still come by to check on me!  Love y’all!

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  1. Glad to see you\’re back. Have you been to Trader Joe and IKEA yet? My two favorite places but both are hours away from us.

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