Okay, so I still don’t have internet access at my apartment, so I’m not getting online hardly at all…but, today I am at the library and thought I’d let you all know I am still alive!  Hot, sweaty, but alive, lol.  Geez, it’s humid here!  How do people deal with this?  I finally get the expression "well, it’s a dry heat"…. which I thought was stupid…. but now I know, it’s better because your sweat evaporates, which cools you off…. here, the sweat just makes you wet.  So you feel gross.  And it stays that way.  Eeyyywww. 
We are doing alright.  Finally got into the ‘big’ apt. last week, and I really like it.  It’s hard to decide what to bring over from the storage unit, as we don’t have a lot of space, but it’s a nice apartment… hardwood floors, a fireplace, a nice deck….the floor was an exciting surprise, as I am finally getting to use my grandmother’s persian rug!  She had it for as long as I could remember, and my sister had it for awhile (and abused it, poor rug) but then she was going to get rid of it – since it needs repairs now – but I took it instead and now I finally have a room big enough to use it in!  Yay!  It is mainly dark blue, which isn’t really my color, but I have discovered that it has tons of other colors in it, and I’m going to work with that.  It just has many happy memories, that rug does. 
We are moving in very slowly…. Alan thinks I should "put away" and "clean" as I go, what-ever!!  Plus, working in the storage unit is HOT. 
I now have to get up before 6am to take Alan to work…stupid stupid company.  I guess it won’t kill me… hopefully…..
Well, that’s it for now…. my internet time here at the library is limited, and I need to do a few other things…. at least, I am getting internet at home Aug. 6th, so things should improve!

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  1. Can\’t remember where you moved to right now but if it\’s east coast south states, yep, that\’s what you get. Sounds familar from when I lived in South Carolina. Take it slow there and best of luck. Jacki aka Lady J

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