Update on the craziness which is my life

Alright, well, here it is…..
We still are in the little (read "tiny"!) apartment.  Driving Alan crazy with our messes, lol.  I swear, he turned into this old bachelor while he lived here alone!  Sheesh!  Like, we are messing with his space – it’s ridiculous!  And he’s gonna have to get over it!
He’s having a hard time at work.  They are going to take away all lower managers’s company vehicles (which was one of the big reasons he took this job) plus, there was an accident with two of the guys there out on a call… one guy lost his life.  It’s been very hard on everyone at the branch.  It just doesn’t happen; so to have it happen in his branch – well, corporate has been in now, doing a total audit on all operations, so you can imagine it’s not been fun.
Kiki is sort of…hmm….emotional.  I think she is waaay to close to puberty to have moved her and put her through all this turmoil.  Poor kid. 
As for me –  I feel like I am doing so well…. then I burst into tears for no reason at all.  Well, okay, for a reason…. sort of…. we went to this nice fireworks show on the 4th, and I was in line to buy some snacks for us all (Kiki and Alan were back at our blanket)  and, I don’t know, the longer I stood in that line, (and believe me, it was a looooong time) listening to all those friends (young and old) chatting, laughing, enjoying each other’s company… anyway, it just made me feel very….alone.  So I got back to my family, handed them the food, and started crying.  They just looked at each other like "whoa…what’s up with mom now???"   Lol.
Well, tomorrow’s a new day!

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  1. My heart hurts for you. Life sounds like it\’s putting you through every test there is. Best wishes for you. This is the first alert i\’ve gotten in a while. Hope things look up soon. Lady J

  2. Hey Ann! What\’s up? Wondering how the move to the larger apt. is going and how you are liking your new surroundings. How is Kiki holding up? And you, too? What\’s going on with Alan\’s job? Lots of changes….hope all is well, Caty

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