Trying to breathe

I am trying really hard not to freak out.  It’s hard.  There is so much to do, & so little space to do it in!  
Yesterday afternoon we started unloading the moving truck.  First I have to say – the packers are idiots.  Is it really so hard to do things right??  I’m no professional, but even I know that packing the plastic, covered cat litter box under the heavy boxes is so not gonna work.  Morons.  So, of course it was crushed, causing everything above – including my china hutch (yeah, on top of the other stuff!!) to shift and fall.  Alan fell off a stepladder tying to get the top stuff and smacked his head hard…. thank the Lord, he’s alright.  Of course we didn’t get finished… too much stuff, too much heat, not enough (not any!) help…. we’ll hit it again this afternoon when he gets off work.
Moving is so hard – trying to find your way around a new town, figuring out where stuff is, feeling alone and sad for your kids feeling alone as well. 
I know it will all work out…. I will be glad when the truck is all unloaded and then next week when we can move into the ‘big’ apt. and actually start to settle in… that’ll be good.

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  1. Hi Ann i moved 6 months ago so i know how your feeling, but trust me it doesnt last long it was the best thing we did, and yes i still have boxes around, but im much happier, as im sure you will be, keep smiling it will be worth it in the end. xx

  2. Hang in there Anne…. it\’ll get better once you\’re feeling a little "settled in". Don\’t let the chaos and sadness overrun the excitement and adventure of a new place. :o) Just start chanting…. "just keep swimming, just keep swimming… " It\’ll help, I promise. lol

  3. Hi Ann,Did you go through Minnesota?? I would so love to connect with you…Wish we were closer to Virginia, but I know you will settle in soon and things will get brighter. Want to know how I know that? Because you are such an awesome person and a fun friend.I will pray that you find a warm and welcoming church family soon that shines with the love of Jesus.Sending love and comfort and prayers for you, Alan and Kiki (Merry and Bob, too)!

  4. It is so hard to move, especially as far away from family as you did. Hopefully you will find a good church and make friends there. You do have 2 places I would love to have near where I am–Ikea and Trader Joes. Hang in there Ann. I know things will get easier for you.

  5. I have moved many times!Although, it is hard, it can be fun exploring new places and checking out the fun things to do.And yes, packer can be complete idiots!!

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