That is how I feel today…just, uhck.  I am tired, sad, stressed, and my legs…well, they have been doing this achy, burny, itchy deal…. I’m not sure what’s up with that.  If it’s stress, or because I’ve been on them too much with all my extra weight, or if it has to do with my back being messed up.  But, it’s driving me nuts, really…. constant irritation.  It almost feels like a combination of sunburn and rash (but I haven’t got either).  And achy muscles as well.  I found my awesome chiropractor (he actually skipped town with our money) but he’s about 3 hrs south of here!  Must be fate, eh?  So, I may show up and tell him to get busy fixing me!  Hah! 
Today Alan is getting off work early and we have to start unloading our moving truck.  I am feeling soooo stressed; wondering how much of our stuff is broken in there (we haven’t had good luck moving in the past).  Mostly I just hope Kiki’s stuff is okay… she needs that.  Poor kid.  Figures that today is the hottest and most humid so far….niiiice.  Should be a good time. 
Moving is so hard.

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  1. I am happy to see you are safe. Praying for you and your family to adjust. It must be very hard in such a small place in a strange "land." I pray that you find a wonderful fellowship quickly so that you and Kiki can get such much needed, sisterly lovin\’! hugs, g

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