Here we are!!

Virginia!! Wow, here we are. It is so beautiful here… and so far, the weather hasn’t been horrible. I mean, humidity-wise. The trip was – loooooooong. As in over 2,600 miles long! We went through 13 states! The dog didn’t mind, but can’t say that about the cat, lol. What worked was tranquilizing him then letting him loose in the car…. he hunkered down beside the car door and back seat where my daughter was sitting, and then he was content – enough. It’s interesting living in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Not nice – but interesting. Ha. It’s been forever since I’ve lived in an apartment complex; it’s really weird. Kiki isn’t doing well with the move – she’s cranky, irritable, grumpy…. and just wants to "go home". sigh. It’s hard being a mom, when the world is hard and you just can’t fix it. When we get moved to the "big" apt. (still, half the size of the house we left behind) I will get my computer set up, then I’ll have lots of pics to share with you!

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  1. Ann! So good to finally hear from you. Kiki may be cranky but you sound so much happier! It must feel great being back with Alan. I can\’t wait to hear about all of your new adventures. Kiki will settle in – it just takes time. Keep us posted on the haps, Caty

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