9 DAYS!!!! Are you counting???

I am so not gonna be ready!!  Because, not only do I need to pack and clean (well, uncover and unclutter) the garage – which is not happening – but I told Kiki she could do her birthday early since we’ll be in Virginia on her ‘real’ birthday, and chances are she won’t have anyone to invite over….. which would be tragic, I am sure!  So it’s 2am and I just finished baking her cake – still have to frost it (tomorrow) and finish her poodle skirt (tomorrow) and go to bed (NOW!)
At least I’ve made the dog happy –
Is that PINK cake, or what??  (stay tuned for the finished product!)
And the poodle skirt…. she wanted a 50’s t heme

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  1. I was going to say………this is so me…………… until I saw the dog licking the beater! hahahahaThe skirt is beautiful. I had one that was black felt with a white ballerina on it when I was little.

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