14 DAYS!!!!!!!

Did you see my ticker at the top of the page??!  14 days ’til our move!!  I think it is about time for my panic attack.  Meltdown?  Maybe a full-fledged nervous breakdown.  Somethin’s gonna happen!  Well, maybe I’ll just clean out the garage.  And trim the monster of an arbor out front.  And do some laundry.  Either way…!
Let’s see, an update so far:
The dog is doing great.  Limping still, but the leg is getting stronger.
The cat is great too.  Took him in for shots today.  He was so not thrilled.
School is DONE!!!!  YAY!!!!!
The house is good, but not sold.
The garage is awful.  That’s my job for this week.
Trying to take care of all the last minute details.
Car is still in the shop.  Urgh.  Thank the Lord for parents willing to share a car.  (and a nice car!  it’s sooo fun to drive!) Hope the mechanic figures it out, because cross-country in the summer with no A/C sounds really bad.
Well, gotta go make dinner! C~ya

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  1. Your comment made my day, Ann. Thank you so much. A lot of people don\’t visit any more. I think it was the last lot of changes msn made. I find it harder to get around. I joined fb but it just isn\’t the same. hugs, g

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