Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope everyone out there had a nice  Mother’s Day!  Mine was nice altho it was not what I’d had planned – we were going to go to my sister’s house, where all her children were making dinner for their family, Kiki and I, and my mom and dad.   However, Kiki has had the flu since Thursday night, and even still this morning was running a temp., so I didn’t want to give her germs to the rest of my family… so, she and I stayed home and watched movie aftermovie after movie…. we’ve been doing a lot of that the last few days!  She felt bad that she’d "ruined" my Mother’s Day…. I told her, I’m spending time with my daughter, and that’s the best. 
Of course, I mowed the lawn and trimmed some shrubs and pulled a few weeds, which some might think shouldn’t have to be done on Mother’s Day; but actually Ididn’t mind that.  What I would have liked to have avoided was cooking dinner tonight… but no one else was here, so what can ya do?
I pulled a lovely one-inch piece of suture out of Merry dog’s leg tonight… she didn’t appreciate it too much.  And it totally grossed Kiki out.  So that was fun!  I don’t know how much more I need to get out before it can finally heal up.  Good thing I don’t mind doing vet work!
Well, again, hope y’all  had a great day!!

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  1. Awww.. I know how it is to have plans changed by a sickie, but sounds like the two of you had a great day together watching movies!! And look on the bright side, Cooking yourself allows you to know what is in every dish… No need to worry about something icky (like nuts or oysters) being hidden in something… 🙂 Nice to hear that Merry\’s leg is doing pretty well. I had to take the stitches out of my maggie after she was shot, Out of my own hand when I cut it doing dishes and out of Laura\’s finger when she sliced it cutting summer sausage… I have even had to stitch up Clif\’s wrist when he cut it repairing a water line (long story for another time).. So I guess between the two of us we could open up our own Medi-On-The-Spot… LOL Take care!!!

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