My “Murphy’s Law” kind of life

Well, I know I haven’t been posting here nearly as much as I should… mostly because I am going even more insane than ever – I need you guys as my therapy!!  So here I am… also, I’m hiding out from Kiki as she’s got the flu and is becoming very demanding, and I’m tired of getting her stuff.  Speaking of the flu, that was part of my crazy day today.  The house is finally listed (YAY) and so people want to come see the house.  That’s good, I know – but that whole business of having to crate the dog up in the garage makes me sad.  And, well, today I had a realtor call me at 8am (8am!!!  Is she insane??)  and another guy called a little later; to show the house today.  And Kiki has the flu.  Could this be timed any better??  So I’m driving around, and sitting in a parking lot, with my poor, sick kiddo in the car, while people file thru my house.  Niiiiiice.  She’s worse tonight, and tomorrow is Saturday, so who knows if I’ll be getting even more calls… and I can’t really say no…..  sigh.  And suddenly I am thinking "I’ve only got 5 weeks left!"  It seemed like it’d be forever until we got moved back east, and now I’m thinking "how in  the world do I get it all done in just 5 weeks?!"  Yikes. 
I still don’t want to talk about the whole ‘current real estate market’  business and how this is probably going to be a bad, bad deal.   Maybe tomorrow. 
Merry dog is doing well – that’s my good news!

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