Sunday Sunday

 Today I cleaned the carpet.  Don’t let anybody tell you "oh, it’s really easy" – huhh.  Between the monster machine, the miles of cord (which have to be plugged in at two different places being sure they’re on separate circuits, the huge twisty and not-very-flexible hose…. well, I’m just not sure it was worth it.   Especially given the fact I stand to gain nothing on the sale of this house – in fact, I’ll probably lose my good credit and who knows what else… but that’s a post for a day when I don’t still have to load that monster steamer into my car and take it back….

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  1. ewwww I HATE carpet cleaning machines… You Nailed it, everyone of my complaints… I am glad I don\’t have to worry about it, we have hardwood all through this house!! Sweeping is a pain too, The puppy likes to chase the broom and run as fast as he can through the dust pile… **sigh**

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