Yup – busy busy busy!!!

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve gotten on here!  Y’all probably thought I’d dropped dead or something… somedays, it feels like I might…!!  Well, I"ll give you an update on everything that’s been going on…
I have been working, working, working, working on the house…. it’s finally paying off!  (I had to quit procrastinating because Alan was coming for a visit.)  How weird is it to have your husband ‘come for a visit’???
Alan was here last weekend for a 4 day visit.  It was really nice, but harder than ever to let him go back – since I know now how hard it is!  The 28th was our 25th wedding anniversary (yeah, forever, right?  I got married when I was 10, you realize….) We really couldn’t afford to do much, just him coming out here – but I bought myself a present today…
Pretty, huh?  The picture doesn’t even do it justice.  It was on sale for only $20.00, it’s just sterling and CZ, but I love it….very sparkly, ooooooh…..  Hey, it’s the silver anniversary, right?  And I’m too fat for my wedding ring, and I like looking married.  ‘Cause otherwise I’m gettin’ hit on all the time…. (yeah, if you believe that, I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you….!!)
The biggest news is that I had the realtor out and paperwork is being done at this very moment to list the house!  Okay, probably not this very moment.  Normal people are sleeping right now.  All the news on the "selling front" is very discouraging, but I’m leaving that business up to God.  I can’t deal with it.  Or fix it.
My house looks amazing.  This may be the first time ever that the whole house has been clean at the same time.  Let’s see how well Kiki and I can keep it up, eh?  We have a date set for the move – I updated my "ticker" at the top of my blog…. I reserved the truck today – 3rd week of June.  Later than I’d originally hoped, but we’ve got quite a bit to do still.  That’s okay.
Now I need to start working on the garage.  The  mere thought gives me a headache!
The dog is progressing nicely.  I’ve added some more pics to her album.  We’ve had a couple "oops" moments, where she slipped or fell and I was sure she’d ruined what had been fixed, but we took her to the vet last Friday and her knee is very firm and tight, so that is really good.  She has a weird bump where the interior, permanent sutures are knotted and it’s irritating her, so she’s forming a callous and it’s got some fluid in it… but it should go away on it’s own.  Also, the exterior sutures are a bit inflamed, because instead of her absorbing those absorbable sutures, her body is trying to reject them… like you’d do with a splinter or something.  So I have to keep an eye on it, clean it with peroxide, pull out any sutures I can grasp… leave it to my dog to be difficult.  This whole deal has been incredibly stressful, because it is so long before you know if it’s really  worked, and you have to be really careful and strict with the dog’s movements… urgh.  To get back at me for always making her potty while on her leash instead of just letting her out back, she’s been only pooping out on the common areas when we take our walks…. lovely thing, to get to pick that up warm and nice, in a plastic bag……

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  1. Oooohhh Love the ring.. I just love CZ i actually think they are prettier than diamonds. I love all the simulated Jewels, they just seem to sparkle more… Happy to hear that for the most part doggy is doing better… and I so totally feel ya on the warmness in to the plastic baggie thing.. eww. Hope you have a great weekend, and don\’t wear yourself out on that garage…

  2. God really blessed Merry to have you for a family!Great job on getting organized. I\’m still plugging along.

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