Update on life as we know it

Alrighty…. I’m over the flu; just pretty tired. 
The house doesn’t seem any closer to being listed, but it must be, mustn’t it??  The faster I go, the behinder I get…. or something like that.
I have lost 20 pounds!  Yay, me!  Simply cutting out the junk.  Now if I could get serious and try harder, it’d come off faster.  But at least it’s going down.
The biggest stressor right now is the dog.  I am so  worried about her damaging what has been fixed.  That may not make sense, but here’s the deal:  What the vet does is basically tie the knee back together using non-disolving sutures (think fishing line, basically).  That holds everything in place, and eventually fibrous scar tissue grows over the whole deal and it’s all fixed.  However, in the mean time, if you don’t keep the dog quiet enough, they can break the line/sutures before the healing takes place, and then you are basically right back where you started.  I’ve already spent over $1,500.00, what would I do if it wasn’t really fixed??!  That money was needed for the move, so now what??  Sheesh.  I’m doing  everything the vet said to do – she is confined when we aren’t home, taken out to potty on her leash, and has to stay of off the stairs and out of my room (so she stays off my bed) while we are home.  The problem is, she has slipped on the hardwood floor in the kitchen, she’s run off to the door when someone knocked; that sort of thing.  What am I to do?  Doggie Valium??  I asked the vet if I should keep her completely confined except taking her to potty, but he said then the muscles atrophy even worse which actually increases the risk of re-damage…. it’s like there is no perfect treatment.  It’s very stressful.  Today she seems slightly worse than before, but maybe it’s cause she did a bit too much the last couple days.  I talked to the vet today, he thinks she’s probably ok.  Of course he can’t tell without me bringing her in – but there’s the other problem.  My car is too high,  and I can’t lift her by myself.  She has her two week check next week, and I already will have to have someone come over to my house to help me get her in the car!  I’d like to buy a ramp, but I can’t really afford one right now…. sigh.  I really didn’t need this right now!
God is still in control, right?

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  1. Yay about the weight loss.I hope the dog gets better in a hurry.Vets sure make a lot of money. LIke dentists. I wonder if dog-dentists make even more?

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