Doggy Update

Merry came thru the surgery with flying colors!  My vet said  her hips look great for a big dog her age, her other knee is great, and what actually surprised him was that she has no arthritis in the bad knee at all, which I guess is unusual, since most knee problems develop over time, so that there has been some damage for quite some time.  But not Merry, so that’s good.  The bad thing was that the vet tech who came out to the car with me to help load her up wasn’t paying attention, so Merry tried jumping up on her own – a very big "no-no" at this point.  So I was kinda irritated that she may have re-injured the site before we even left the vet’s office!  Geeeeez.  
She’s been moaning like she’s absolutely miserable, and there is no way to know if it’s pain or feeling sick from the pain meds.  Poor girlie dog.  It’s really pretty pathetic.  She hasn’t eaten since she came home, except for a couple Milk Bones…. and today she wouldn’t even eat those!  Nothing that she normally loves (which is pretty much, anything that’s food!).   Alan reminded me how crappy he felt after his knee surgery, and added that I seem much more concerned and sympathetic with the dog than I was with him.  (Of course!  She’s so much sweeter!) 
Basically, so far so good.  When we left the house today we put her in the crate (she has to stay confined when we’re not home) and I guess the cat was feeling sorry for his canine friend….

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So sweet…the two of them…and I\’m happy to read how well she came through the surgery. Praying she will feel better soon.

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