Doggy Surgery Day

Merry dog goes in for her knee surgery tomorrow.  I have to get up at the crack of dawn to take her in.  She’s really been hobbling around, so I am glad we are finally getting it taken care of…. although, for her the deal isn’t going to be a whole lot better for quite awhile.  She has to be confined for 2 weeks, then on very, very light moving for another 6 – 8 weeks….Ugh, I’m not looking forward to it, either!   The only thing that could really go wrong tomorrow is that when they do the pre-surgery scans they could find that the real trouble isn’t her knee, but that it’s a symptom of a greater problem, which would be significant trouble with her hips.  In which case, probably the only thing we could really do is have her put to sleep.  This worries me a bit, as her only surviving sister from puppyhood was put down at just 3 yrs. old for that exact reason.  I don’t know how Kiki would be able to handle losing her dog at this point in her life, so I am praying that won’t be the case.  I will certainly be more at ease when they are past that moment.  Boy, this dog!  Of all the dogs I’ve had in my lifetime, this gal is certainly the most high-maintainance one! 
On a brighter note, check out my newly cleaned laundry room!  Oh, it’s nothing of note in the ways of laundry rooms; I’d love a big fancy one with all the bells and whistles, you know…. however, this is clean and tidy, and that’s what counts right now!

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  1. Your laundry room looks great and looks about the same size as ours…from what I can tell. Praying for "Merry", the vet, and you and Kiki, too. It hurts so much to see our feline or canine loved ones hurting…and then have to make decisions. Could you take a picture of the mug Kiki made you? I would love to see it. A good handle makes a nice difference.

  2. Your room looks so nice. I just got box after box of my mom\’s things in my house and trying to sort thru as she just went into a nursing home. The only neat room we have is the second bathroom. The rest is overwhelming. Please keep us updated on Merry. Hoping and praying for the best outcome for her.

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