Life, Death, and the stuff inbetween

I had to go to a memorial service today. I say "had to" because I didn’t want to, at all. The last one I attended was my own little sister’s, so I really just would have preferred to have not done this today….. besides, I didn’t even know the kid who died (he was just 27)…. however, I know his family… and, from that experience of my own sister’s funeral, I know how important it is to see how you have people who love and care for you, who stand with you in your time of grief and need. So I went. And it got me thinking…. that the stuff that matters in this brief time we have on Earth is the love we share with those around us. Just like my sister, this kid had made bad choices, messed up his life, and that ultimately cost him his life, way too young. And yet, the way he had touched others, impacted their lives forever because of his realness and love of them, was huge. Even the most screwed up of us can make someone else feel significant by simply loving them. All the other stuff that clutters up our lives and takes up our time fades in comparison.

I am glad I am on this journey of clearing out the clutter of my life. Even though it began as a quest to rid my home of actual, physical clutter so I could sell this house and move back east to be with my husband again, it has become a ridding of the very real clutter in my head and in my heart. And I will be so much the better for it when it has all been tossed out, and some clear space is left for the important things in this life.


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  1. Isn\’t it funny how often the things we kick at the most are the ones that enlighten and bless us the most? I often think that is why the devil gives us such a spiritual battle at such times. When the truth dawns… and we let it change us… it must get his goat. That entity being defeated is something I don\’t mind at all. I thank God that He defeated him a long time ago.Have a very blessed rest of your weekend. (((Hugs))

  2. I finally re-registerd so I can comment again. Something must have happened when my computer went down.Life is hard. It seems there is one thing after another. I hope you can make the right decision for your dog. Going on line can be confusing as everyone has different opinions. You are fortunate to have Trader Joes and Ikea nearby when you move. They are my favorite places and we have nothing anywhere near us so it\’s a treat to go. Trader Joes is only 2 hours away but Ikea is a long trip for us. You will have fun at those stores.Keep your eyes on God. He is our hope.

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