Looking on the Bright Side

Recently, a lot of things have happened in the lives of my friends…. bad things…. that have made me realize how lame it’s been that I’ve been complaining about the stuff going on in mine.  Yes, moving is stressful, and having so much work to do on my own is hard, and things have been going on with Kiki that concerns me, but things are not that bad.  We are all healthy, we love one another, and we will be together again in not too long.  It could be oh, so much worse.  So, I am going to – try to – quit whining, keep working, and count my blessings.   It’s not such a bad life! 

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  1. Whining is ok so long as it isn\’t TOO loud!! Marissa is SO looking forward to NYC. I have been there twice and it was fun. It is so cool that she can go!!Take care

  2. One of your many assets is your sense of humor, Ann. I\’ve been able to enjoy it many times through your blogs. So glad you are getting to see the light at the end of that getting the house ready to sell and move tunnel. You\’ve done a great job with the organizing too. Speaking of counting our blessings…I count you one of mine.Love and hugs,Beth

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