I swear everything is going wrong!

Sorry, I hate only coming here to gripe, but I swear I am about to lose it completely!  I can’t seem to get anything done right…. we needed some documents for school but both computer printers were down, (finally got one fixed)…  I needed to download some music for Kiki to sing in the talent show (her tryout is tomorrow) but somehow I guess it’s in the wrong format – it will play on my computer but not on the CD player….half the lights in the kitchen are out, and I’ll have to haul in the heavy big ladder to replace them (in fact, I’ll have to go up twice, the first time to see what kind of lights I need)… I spilled milk all over Kiki’s carpet (we were watching a movie in her room, because the other DVD player won’t work) I let loose a couple of choice words…the furnace quit, we woke up to 55′ in the house (brrrrr) but it’s fixed now, $262.00 later….I spilled ground coffee all over the inside of my pantry…. we had to run to the market and I had a mocha in my hand, Kiki bumped me so now I’m wearing it…. this is just one day!!!  I am just at the end of my rope – I want to curl up in a ball and forget everything.  sigh   I had no idea how much I need my husband around, honestly.  I will be glad when this little segment of my life is over.  On a good note – the house is almost clean!

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  1. Clean is good. And as to everything else, well, you will look back and smile and say, \’man, I am a strong woman!!\’

  2. Take a deep breath, Sweetie. Breathe in, breathe out. God\’s mercie are new every morning. Hope today is going better. hugs, g

  3. You sure you aren\’t living my life????????????????Sounds like mama drama to me! hahahaWhat would we do without our faith that God has a perfect plan……Hugs 🙂

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