Sorry I’ve been absent

I know it’s been ages since I’ve been here – and I can’t even blame my computer!  I’ve just been working incredibly hard to clean and de-clutter my house so we can sell it…. how one small family of 3 can have so much stuff is beyond me.  It’s insane.  And so am I, with trying to plow through it all!  I  have sold quite a bit on Cra*g’s List, and my mom and sister are helping me go thru stuff….well, mostly my mom keeps me on track – if she’s not here, I do stuff like…. well, blog….
I am also having some serious stress issues…. Kiki is showing signs of OCD, and it’s really hard to know what to do.  She doesn’t have any compulsive behaviors, it’s the obsessiveness she’s struggling with…. over germs and bad thoughts, mostly.  I don’t want to label or catagorize her, by any means… but, I do want to help her…. I’ve been doing a bit of reading on the topic, to see if or what I am really facing.  Poor kid.  It’s hard for me to talk about it – because I don’t want others to catagorize her or give me silly advice, or tell me I am overreacting – or underreacting…….. it’s all just murky waters where I would prefer not to venture, yet I am getting swept out against my will….  It’s hard, also, with Alan being gone, for one because I don’t have his support (just the physical presence, you know?) plus, because he isn’t here, he isn’t seeing what’s going on, so he can’t understand the full impact of what I am seeing. 
Well, I need to get back to working – one of these days soon I hope I can take a visit around and see how all my friends are doing out there!

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  1. Craig has finally decided to clean the basement. There is 25 years of crap down there. After one week he has two small rooms done – a storage room and the laundry room. The rest of the basement is a disaster. You are blessed to have your mom\’s help and before you know it you will look at your house and think, "Why didn\’t I do this a long time ago? It looks awesome!"

  2. All mothers worry, sometimes unnecessarily, sometimes for very real reasons. You\’re the one that knows her best – I don\’t know if it\’s any cause for concern or not, yet. But… I think it\’s a good thing you are aware of it. Hang in there…. you\’ll all be together again soon. I know you must be experiencing just a teensy weensy bit of stress, huh? :o)

  3. Kiki may have a bit of OCD (as most people do!) but the stress of everything might bring it out a bit more than usual – there is a lot going on in Kiki\’s life right now with the packing and the upcoming move – it\’s enough to make any preteen feel anxious. Wait and see when things calm down if she\’s still experiencing the anxiety. If so, there is behavior modification, etc…..hang in there, Ann, and take care. Caty

  4. This is a matter of prayer, Ann. OCD is a pain. It\’s the thoughts I am concerned about, though. The enemy will get us when we are at our weakest. Not having Alan there will have that dog trying to get at you any way he (the enemy) can. Pray over your dear Kiki and, if you feel comfortable doing so, have others pray over her to get that spirit of fear out of her. You are a loving wondeful mother. Your prayers and Alan\’s will get you all through this. Praying along with you, g

  5. Hey, I lost your blog for awhile, but found it again. I guess you could say that I am de-cluttering online. I hope all is well.

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