Going to Virginia

Well, Kiki and I leave tomorrow afternoon to spend 4 days with Alan – Yay!!  Right now I am totally stressed (story of my life, huh?) and I will be until we are checked in at the airport…. I’m just like that when I travel; so many details to get worked out – packing for myself, Kiki, not to mention the list Alan sent of what he wants me to bring…. then I have to get my dog to my parent’s, make sure the cat is covered for at home, Kiki has school tomorrow (but I’m taking her out early, as soon as I am done with work) and I should probably pay the bills before I go – but I’m not going to – you know, just all that "stuff".  I’ll take a nice deep breath once we’re sitting in the terminal…
Well, I better get back to the packing!  Have a nice weekend, and I’ll be home Tuesday!

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  1. Can\’t wait to hear what you think of your new stompin ground! Is Alan enjoying his new home and surroundings?? What did Kiki think? You must give us the scoop!! Hope you had a great time! Caty 🙂

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