Is it really February??

That is just hard to believe!  I told my realtor that I want to list the house first of March, so this is my month.  Yikes.  I think I can I think I can….  I knew I needed to set a date or else I’d procrastinate into eternity…. but I didn’t expect February to come so soon!  In other news –
Go Steelers!!!
Lol!  I actually couldn’t give a flying rat’s about it one way or another, but my husband’s family are die-hard Steeler’s fans (they’re from Pittsburgh) so we watched the game "together" on opposite ends of the country.  I’m only interested in the ads, and this year I thought they were, by-and-large, a disappointment.  Kiki’s and my fave was the one where the insects take the Coke. 
I have been totally stress-snacking this weekend – which bums me out, because in the last month I have lost 10 pounds.  It would’ve been okay, since I haven’t been buying any junk food, but last night Kiki and I went to a fundraiser at my parents’ church, and not only did they have good munchies there, Kiki won cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies at the "cakewalk".  Chocolate chip cookies are a huge red-light food for me;  I have no control around them!  We sent most of them home with mom and dad, but I ate 4 today.  I’d have had more, but fortunately that’s all we brought home.   Kiki has really been struggling with her daddy gone; she keeps telling me how Satan is messing with her head and telling her to do bad things….  I thought dealing with her slightly OCD germaphobia was bad; this is becoming infinately worse.  I really don’t want to get into the details, but keep us in your prayers.  I did have her get prayed for at church today;  I think she feels a little better now.  She gets obsessive over stuff, and I’m not sure really what to do about it.  This doesn’t seem to fall into "normal" parenting issues, you know?
This Thursday Kiki and I fly to Virginia to visit Alan!!  Yay!  I am really excited to be together again, even if only for a few days.  I think we really need it…. as well as it will just be fun!  We hope to go into D.C. one of the days…. I am totally jacked about that!  I really didn’t think I’d ever get to my Nation’s Capitol.  Very cool.  Mostly, I am just excited to see Alan.  And let him talk to Kiki for awhile.  I’m worn out. 
I’ll have a lot to do – washing, packing….. and all the house stuff…… ah, well.  "one bite" at a time, right?! 

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  1. I swear, I don\’t know how single parents do it. I\’m glad that you\’ll be seeing Alan soon and that he can talk with Kiki. Maybe she needs to talk to a doctor who deals in anxiety? It\’s a good place to start if she continues to have these thoughts. I\’m glad you\’re sharing with us…I hope it helps. Hang in there, Caty

  2. I do hope that you have a doctor near you that you can bring Kiki to. When a child tells you that Satan or any other voice is messing with their head, that\’s a drop everything and go talk to a professional. It\’s a real serious thing so I hope you realize that you can\’t take it lightly. I don\’t get to stop by very much because of the busy schedule yet I did catch this today. Please take her to see someone about that as soon as you can. Lady J

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