No More Whining!! (’cause I’m outta cheese….)

Suck it up, girl…..  Okay.  I’m good.  Really.  Here is what’s going on around my neck of the woods….. Tonight, I’m enjoying a blissfully quiet night alone, because Kiki is spending the night at her Nana’s house.  Yay!  Because, seriously.  I needed a break.  Sure, she got the ‘incessant chatter’ gene from me, but still it can drive me buggy!  Of course, she called me up just before bedtime and she and her cousin (who’s there also) read me a story over the phone.  Which is so sweet…. but silly.  I wonder now, in retrospect, if when I was a kid, and trying so hard to decide if I should accompany my mom to the market or my dad to the car parts store (it was sooo hard, because I didn’t want either of them to be lonely without me) were they silently thinking "pick the other parent, pick the other parent….?  Lol! 
Today my mom worked on getting the china hutch emptied –  Remember to clic on the picture to see the whole thing, since my space is cutting off the edge these days!
 – because I am going to move this out of the house to make my dining area look bigger.  See, when I moved into this house, I didn’t like how you could look right through from my front door to the back door….not to mention that if I put this against the wall, then added the table, well, you couldn’t fit the chairs in.  So, I put it in sideways, put a garden arbor over it, on the backside I hung a mirror and put a small two-drawer dresser, and ‘viola’!  I had a hall tree and a dividing wall all in one.  I do weird stuff like that, and I like it!  Here you can see the arbor better…and the location of my front door…
Mom is going to take the arbor home and put it in her back yard – to use as it was intended,  either for her grapes, or she might plant a wisteria or  something else pretty….  I worked on my coat closet.  I wish I’d thought to take a ‘before’ picture – just trust me when I say it was bad.  Really bad.  Mostly we tossed stuff onto the shelf in there and hoped it’d stay until we shoved the door shut – which wasn’t easy to do.  But look at it now!  Awesome.  Other than a few coats that I bagged up to take to the thriftstore, I didn’t take anything out of the closet – I just re-organized it into bins.  The basket on the shelf is all our winter hats, scarves and gloves, and the one below holds – well, way more stuff than I would’ve thought possible!  Tennis rackets, baseball gloves, baseballs, frisbees, badminton rackets and birdies, rollerblading safety gear, snowboarding helmet and goggles, etc.  Amazing.  This proves what I’ve been telling Alan all along – give me enough cute little organization bins, and the house will never be messy!!  He’s got to believe me now!
The cat, as usual, was quite helpful.  Because that’s what he does.
Now (well, until I got on the computer) I am working on my bathroom linen closet, which really wasn’t too bad to begin with, because – HAH! – I already had a bunch of little bins in there!!  Next, I think I may tackle Kiki’s closet…. shed a tear for me then, will ya?

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