Ha ha ha – I’m not as bad as it appears!

So my mom came over to help me organize.  I gave her the job of re-doing the linen closet.  It had kind of gotten to the point of being a "huck it in and hope you can still shut the door" sort of deal.  So, wow – she pulled everything out, re-folded it, and put everything back – and there is space in there!  Freaky!  The funny thing, though, is the insight she got into my life that day!  First off, the dog kept coming and standing right between her and that closet she was trying to work on, her furry face smushed right up against my mom’s face.  And she doesn’t back off easy, either – she’s saying "love me!  love me!!"  Then, every two minutes Kiki would come up and ask her "Nana, what would I put here – a colon or a semi-colon?"  "Nana, do you know how to do this kind of math?" (It was waaaay cooler to ask Nana for help than boring ol’ mom) Then the cat jumped up onto a shelf in the linen closet and would swat at my mom’s hand every time she tried to put something away.  It was great!  When I pulled the cat out, and mom was done (I was working just beyond her, in the schoolroom) we walked back into the livingroom – which had been completely clean when mom came over…. it was now strewn – one end to the other – with school books, papers, pens and pencils, and various toys and such.  My mom just said "Huh.  I think I see a bit of your problem…."  heeheehee – sweet. 

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  1. That was great!Sounds like me trying to get stuff done! and that\’s exactly what happens when I\’m working on one area………….

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