If it’s not the kid, it’s the cat!

Okay.  Seriously.  You remember I put the bookcase in the schoolroom to get tidied up, and Kiki immediately put her babies to sleep on there?  So, today I was working on that room, and I got exactly TWO books put on a shelf, turned around to get some more…. and here’s what happened…..
Sigh….. welcome to the crazy which is my life!!

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  1. I love this!!!! Sounds like my world. Ben and Ava are real "partners in crime". They were quiet and I found them in my bathroom spraying deodorant and pouring out baby shamppoo….ARGHHH! Then as I was cleaning that up they took off and I found them up in Mariah\’s room spraying Air Freshener. (it was in puddles on the dresser and vanity!) a day in the lifeMariah is always setting up elaborate doll things in the kitchen, on the d.r. table, on the stairs, etc!I\’ll post some pics. hahahajust a day in the life……………………………………..

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