I’m much better now

The gray, the loneliness, and a bad case of PMS really got to me…. but I think I’m doing better now.  It’s still gray, I’m still lonely, but besides that…!!  I got a bit of a dent done here, and today was a pretty decent day, so I’m better. 
Here is what you all don’t understand, though!!
When I say my house is bad, I’m not talking dusty.  I’m not talking today’s dishes didn’t get washed, or I haven’t vacuumed in a week. Or two.  I know, some would consider their house awful if that was the case – but, I am talking much, much worse!  I’m talking clutter.  I’m talking LOTS of clutter.  Everywhere.  Like, never eating at the kitchen table because of stuff piled on it.  So much laundry my daughter wore bright green stripey knee socks with her fancy dress to church today.  (Okay, she might have done that anyway, she’s got that kind of fashion sense…but – still.)  I’m talking more clothes on the floor of my closet than on hangers.  I’m talking we can’t do school in the schoolroom because the desk is buried in paperwork and you’d trip over stuff trying to get to the desk, anyway….. 
Seriously, I don’t care if my house is a little dusty or what-have-you.  I am a firm believer in spending time with my child is more important.  But it’s gotten way out of control around here;  that is the problem.  Because it is so bad that we can’t have people over, and that messes with friendships.  And with my self-esteem and my sanity.  But I’m working on it.  And I’m glad you all would probably like me anyway.

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  1. ok… First of all none of us care if you have clutter, and in fact we\’d all come over and help you de clutter if we could. You should check out flylady.com She teaches people to ge organized one baby step at a time. The first day, you have to clean all your sinks, that\’s it, clean all the sinks in the house. I love organizing, I wish I could come over and help you.

  2. Hi Ann – have you seen those organizing shows? You have 3 or 4 large tubs – one is marked "donation" the other is marked "throw away" one is marked "keep" and I forget what one the fourth one is marked…anyway, you get the idea…. and you start sorting things out in your tubs. Also, you need to go to an inexpensive store and start buying storage containers with labels on the front -Ikea?- and start organizing that way – I wish I could help you! Good luck, Caty

  3. Ann, I am definitely rolling on the floor here! You are talking my kind of clutter! I have been on an allout war with it for exactly 4 years! I am also Pollyanna with the rose colored glasses and keep thinking that I\’m making progress. However it\’s still looking deep in some areas here no matter how much I have already taken care of. I think I go one step forward and three steps back so it\’s a little tough to see success. Even with a cleaning lady there\’s still so much that only I can go through. I think if I just had a week all alone with no place I had to go and no distractions then I could really get on top of it.I haven\’t posted Ava\’s room yet because I\’ve been waiting \’til her border is up. There\’s always something! Right now I have all my mother\’s paperwork and effects to handle for the estate.Instead I want to organize junk drawers filled with paper clips, etc!!Then I sort piles until I have to leave for something. Meanwhile the kids mess up my piles or else I throw everything back into a container to sort out again later!!I plan to wake up tomorrow a.m. and take Ben and Ava to daycare, put Mariah and Jon on the bus. Then tackle that paperwork…………………… We\’ll see.I\’ll say a prayer for you and please say one for me.Love, Jacque 🙂

  4. Oh, Ann. It must seem impossible to you right now. But, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.I believe you already know about http://www.flylady.net if I recall right. If you sign up for her e-mails and do what she says to do when she says to do it I believe it would help.I have a lot of clutter and it drives Himself insane. You are not alone.bless you. praying for you. g

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