Tired of gray

I could be talking about my hair, but I’m not….’cause I can dye that…. I’m talking about the weather.  We get this nasty thing nearly every year called an "inversion" which is where the warm air up high holds down cold air below, and it’s like this foggy, wet, still, boringness of gray.  It’s a kind of cold that seeps into your bones and you just can’t warm up, not to mention it can be rather depressing to go for ages without seeing the sun.  Now, I’ve lived in Seattle, and I swear that is not as bad!  At least that gray is rain clouds, that shift and move, and besides, down on the ground you  still have greenery and flowers.  Here, everything is dormant, so the grass is gray, the trees are gray, and the sky a flat dull gray…. it’s yukky.   Some days, it is so foggy that you can’t see more than a few feet and everything is dripping wet; other days, like today, the fog lifts a bit, like right at the top of the foothills, so it’s still gray but at least it’s easier driving.  The temperature is in the high 20’s.  I know, it could be worse!  But I think I’d like to be in California right now for the heat wave!

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  1. Yeah, Ann, I think you should be over here. The sun is so bright and during the day even though it\’s colder than……………………………….., the living room gets downright hot. The cats have nice thick warm coats and have been lounging on the south side of the house in front of the windows. I\’ll try to get a picture of them.When I have cold grey days, I always want to bake cookies and read a book……………while eating mint chocolate chip ice cream! (I love to multi-task!) LOLTake care…

  2. I hear you, Ann. Sometimes, when it has been gray for days, I put all the lights on as bright as I can just to perk up the place.Most blogging buddies I visit once a week or once every two weeks. You, more often. Have to make sure you are not too overwhelmed! I\’m here for prayer, sis. hugs, g

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