Oh, criminy

My oldest nephew, who is getting married in less than 2 weeks, and his fiance dropped by the coffeebar today to ask if they could come over tomorrow and look at some of the household items I am getting rid of….they just got an apartment, and she will be moving in until the wedding (right now, they are both at my sister’s house…sleeping in separate bedrooms…. staying pure…. they’re great kids…. but I’m thinking that as of this moment, you can’t even walk in my front door; it’s that bad in here.  Sure, the trees are out – but the ornaments aren’t quite all packed up yet, and all the other Christmas stuff is still out…. well, shoot.  I think I will be up working rather late tonight…..

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  1. Hey, you and me both! I am so tired of this place looking like wild hyenas live here that I am staying up late to organize. Of course I started by checking in here :)By the way, I am sure they won\’t care about what the place looks like. They will just be so excited to get some treasures for their new home. And you have such a great excuse…………. you\’re "in the process".Wishing you the best., Ann. 🙂

  2. Stopping in to check up on you. Have you considered getting some help? Anyone who loves you doesn\’t care what your home looks like. I know from experience! g

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