Blah. blah blah blah blah……

….is how I feel.  Blah.  I am feeling so dang down…. I know I should be hard at work, hustling around here to get the house done up – but I look at the  mess, feel overwhelmed, and sink back down into that mire of feeling sorry for myself.  Curse that husband for leaving me to do all the work!  LOL – Just kidding!!  I know he didn’t plan it that way…. it’s just worked out might-eee convenient for him, didn’t it?!  He is out looking at apartments today.  I’d much rather be doing that!  I know, poor pitiful me, eh?  Then there is my insanity of getting distracted and doing stuff that might be important, eventually, but totally far down the list of what I need to get down now….  like, my Christmas stuff is still up, and the whole house is chaos and mess…. but you know what I did today?  I went and bought some cool little mesh metal baskets (I have this delusion that if I own enough organizational items, I will become organized!) and I have put all the teas in one, coffee and cocoa in another, and I am going to use the third for baking goods. (Like, chocolate chips, nuts, marshmallows…)  Oh!  And my ‘junk drawer’ is looking so neat and tidy!  It’s awesome!  So, if a potential buyer comes in the house, they’ll have to step over the laundry and pile after pile of paperwork, sneezing from the dust, but they are gonna say "Hey! This house has a wonderfully organinzed pantry!"  ‘Cause that’s what people notice first, right??!   Geeezzz.  You know what I got on the computer for?  To make little labels for those tea/coffee/baking bins.  I am not kidding.  I need help.  Psychiatric help. 

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  1. Try a list. Make a list of EVERYTHING that you need to do. The order it, as best you can with the things you need to do first. Check things off as you go. And get some help from your friends. Then everything won\’t seem like such a big job

  2. They WILL notice the pantry if you cleverly leave it WIDE open. Baby steps – that\’s what I tell myself anyway. Trouble is that babies never quite make it the whole distance. I have bunches of unused baskets and bins I could throw your way – they never seem to be quite the right size. Good luck!Oh, meanwhile I have the letter L for you to play around with.

  3. I really wish I could come and help you!!! I know how you feel, I have been there. I agree wiht making a list, that is sometimes the only way I can sty on track and focused. Good Luck :o)

  4. Hi Ann – you know what works for me when I\’m feeling overwhelmed? I just look at the day in front of me – not everything as a whole. If you look at the whole house, and what you need to do, that is overwhelming. Just do what you can in one day and don\’t look any further – it really works. My husband taught me that and it has helped me in many situations – just make a list for that one day. Thinking of you, Caty

  5. Hahahahahaha I just know that we are twins separated at birth!! When Dave was in AZ I organized junk drawers. Did I get all the paperwork done that I should have?????? NO! But it was very relaxing, soothing and therapeutic organizing all those little push pins, clips etc. 🙂

  6. As I am reading backwards down your blogs…I can now see how you made the lovely labels. You\’ll get there, Ann…on step at a time…and that was a very nice step and will appeal to buyers.

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