Feeling a little guilty

Because I’ve been thinking that Kiki is fine and just has something weird/rashy going on, I sent her to AWANAs last night, and to school today – and tonight, she is complaining of a bit of itching, and her cheeks are really flushed…. boy am I going to feel awful if I’ve exposed the entire church and homeschool co-op to chicken pox!!  Oh, I really pray it’s not that…. she also has a birthday party-sleepover she wants to go to tomorrow… time will tell, I guess.  Sheeeesh….baaaad mama.
Tonight we went to the live show "Walking with Dinosaurs".  Alan gave the tickets to Kiki as a surprise just before he left.  It was really cool!  I’ll write more about it tomorrow – but I need to get to bed at the moment.
Her "Paleontologist’s bag" ~

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