Just a quick note….

Alan’s there, I’m here…. feeling a little sorry for myself!   Of course because I am stressed about being alone in the house,  the cat has spent the last two nights staring out the narrow window on the side of the front door….!   Thanks, bud.  Then tonight, Kiki said to me "I think I have a pimple on my hip – it’s sore."  I look at her, a couple little red bumps.  An hour later, she says "I feel sore, a little." and she is covered with red, pimply looking bumps all over her torso and upper thighs!  Why??  She says they don’t itch at all, and she feels fine… so, is it hives?  Allergic reaction, or stress?  I gave her Benadr*l about an hour ago and made her take a baking soda bath, but she’s no better… so, what?  Chicken Pox?  Measles?  She’s had all her shots, but I recently found out that doctors now think they need a chicken pox booster about 11 -12 years old…great.  But the bumps don’t itch…. aaarrrggghhh!!  Oh – and today it snowed, and some goofus must have been afraid to drive, so what should have taken me 45 minutes into town today (in the bad weather; it’s 30 normally) took me 1 hour and 15 minutes…. it kept up all day…. so I couldn’t come home and work…. 
I want my husband.

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  1. oh honey, I am so sorry. I hate it when my husband isn\’t home either… keep us informed about kiki… and yes they are now reccommending a booster for chicken pox… 😦

  2. Oh, Ann, we are here with you…it must be so hard to have Alan so far away, but you can lean on us…hope Kiki feels better – keep us posted! xoCathy

  3. You will learn to really enjoy this time with your daughter. Just the two of you. It\’s a time in your lives you will look back on and smile. LJ

  4. Hi Ann,I\’ve enjoyed catching up on your blogs. Your Christmas pictures were fun to see. I loved the trees.This year we put up our big one in the living room (with gold and cream decorations) and a small one for the kids to decorate. I still have the small one up and just love it!I\’m excited for your move.Dave has been gone for 4 days in AZ with Ava and will get home tonight. I hope things will move quickly for you to join Alan in VA. It will be fun to have special girl time with Kiki while you wait to move. She is at a fun age and has such a creative personality (as you do) :)I was happy to read about Alan\’s walk with the Lord. You do sound like you have a wonderful church family and I am certain you will find that Christian love and camaraderie wherever you go. Part of that is a reflection of who You are. God has such amazing plans for each of us.I hope Kiki is better soon. It could be nerves or…. maybe chicken pox. I will say a prayer for healing.Hugs to you and Happy New Year 2009!!!!!!

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