Today’s the day….

… that Alan will fly off to start his new job, and Kiki and I will be left here with all the mess!!  Yikes.  I think I am still in a bit of denial – to me, it feels like he’s just going on a business trip, and he’ll be back in a few days.  Weird.  Well, we have to leave for the airport pretty soon; it’s snowing today (of course) so it’ll be a bit more of a trip out there…. at least it looks like all the airports he’s hitting are clear and fine.  My  gut pain is easing up, so it looks like I’ll be out of the woods soon.  Must’ve been the popcorn that I knew better than to eat – duh.  Sigh…. this is not fun.  I don’t want him to go without us.

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  1. Hang in there… Everything will work out… Maybe, if nothing else, you and kiki can enjoy some special girl bonding. Just looking for that silver lining there…

  2. I pray for peace in your heart and a whole bunch of friends who are take charge kind of people to come and help you pack up the house. blessings, g

  3. Hi Ann – did you ever say what Alan\’s new job is? I don\’t think so…..just wondering. Hope everything goes well…when is his actual start date? Does he have a place to live? So much to think about!!! Blessings, Caty

  4. I\’m praying for you! I know what\’s it\’s like….well the moving anyways! Our house looks like WWIII because we are trying to pack up extra junk to put in storage before we list the house and it looks like we are in the midst of full fledge packing already!!! I\’m a firm believer in house staging, so I know that it\’ll be worth it in the end…..but ohhh the trials of getting there! Plus, our dog kept rubbing against the walls that I was trying to give a fresh coat of paint and now is Black and Green……I hear your troubles!Annette

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