Counting Down the Days….

I can’t believe that in just a couple days, Alan will be flying away to Virginia.  Sigh.  I want to go, too.  Truth be told, I’m excited about the move – things to see, things to do, places to go!!  Sure, that feeling may go away after being there awhile,  and be replaced with missing my (extended) family, but so far, it’s good.  The biggest issue is just the getting there…if only I could blink three times, then find myself living in a home in Virginia.  That’d work for me.  To think I’ll be doing all the work myself!!  I have no one to blame – I”ve been an Egyptian – living on the River DeNile – so I could have had Alan help me.  I was sure it wouldn’t really come down to us going!  God never shows me His schedule sheet – what’s up with that??! 
We had a ‘going  away’ dinner last night at church, with the coffeebar people.  They all love Alan, and are so bummed he’s going.  (Well, they’ll miss me too, but mostly him, lol! Because he’s done the Sunday deal for years, and I work mostly alone there on weekdays)  It was so nice, but so sad.  These people are family in the truest sense, and to be surrounded by that kind of love is awesome.  They came around us and prayed for us, and I was not the only one crying!  I have to tell you something – it is very weird yet very cool to hear other people share about how they feel about your spouse.  I mean, I know him better than anyone, so I know all his faults – and I can be pretty judgemental, ’cause hey, he’s hurt me so I tend to be critical of him.  Even now when he’s been such an awesome guy, it’s like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know?  Now, Alan is truly himself in that coffeebar – he doesn’t put on a ‘church face’ or anything – in fact, we’ve all thought at one point or another to get him a t-shirt with a phrase on it like "Sarcasm – just another service we offer" or something!!  He is who he is, I’ll give you that.  So, last night, more than one person came up to him and said something to the effect of how he’s been their ‘mentor’ ( a couple younger guys) or a couple gals (from not real pleasant backgrounds) who said he was their example of how a Christian man should act.  Wow.  Just because he’s a big pain-in-the-butt kind of guy!  Who knew?!  It was eye-opening to me, really – to see how others see him, who are just taking him for who he is, and not putting all these expectations on him, or judging his current actions through a lense of past mistakes.  Awesome, really.  Already, God’s Big Plan is working in our lives.
Well, I better go get dressed (yeah, it’s one in the afternoon and I’m still in my nightgown) because we are going to my parent’s for early dinner – the   whole gang, sort of a goodbye for Alan…. I think we should have already been there to put the ham in – the ham we still have to go to the store to buy –  hmmm.  Alan is out having coffee with a buddy, hope he gets home soon! 
Prayers for me will be appreciated – right now I am in acute gut pain, not sure if it’s my Diverticulitis acting up, or if I’m getting a bladder infection, or…. but it’s not nice at all.
Bye for now!

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  1. It was a great joy to get caught up with your blogs. First, let me wish you a very blessed, adventuresome, peaceful, yet exciting New Year, with all its possibilities, in the Lord\’s plan for you and your family! I love the pictures and can see you and your family, including the furred variety, had a great Christmas. Thinking about you moving to Virginia has me all excited for you. They have a great homeschooling movement, and access to history, shopping, and availability of resources of all kinds that I think you will be appreciate. What I have missed the most, besides family, church family, and friends, and teaching, is the accessibility and professionalism of the industries and sites there. Businesses in the East care more about customer service, in general, and have more supply for demand. It may be the same on the West Coast, but I haven\’t lived there to know for sure, other than being sure California must have it all because of the movie industry.Virginia is a great starting place for local history and you can easily get to the coastal beaches, mountains, parks, big cities, some of the best shopping centers in the world, and nearby states that have awesome sites and beaches, parks and history of their own. Such diversity! I love the general Southern hospitality from Virginia and its neighbors to the South. I love the modern major highways that take you in all directions. You could go to Maryland, or New York with ease. Yes, it can be fast paced and expensive, but you get so much out of the experience. There are many fine churches with biblical grounding. My heart remains in Virginia and my attitude is Virginian.My prayers for you have been, and continue to be, that you will be in the center of God\’s plans for you and your family. I will be here ready to read about how you are progressing in that plan and all the changes. Coming here to Canada was the same kind of adventure. It is even harder really, to have to go from one country to another, so many changes in rules and philosophy. We are older too, and leaving behind 40 years of family, friends, and way of life, was not easy. What made it do-able, is knowing it was part of God\’s plan for us. He prepared the way, and is making the path walkable, sometimes mundane, or difficult, and yet always with an underlying peace and many moments of joy and excitement. Seeing my mother blossom as an individual these past three and a half years, getting time with her, her relationship with her SIL, and just how good it is, bring me joy. Our relationship with one another is also growing and changing. It can never be replaced. Sorry for rambling on… but you have opened a well-spring… and I can\’t imagine not having the Lord being the author and finisher of our faith, and how people can live without Him. God bless you, Ann, and please do stay in touch.Love and hugs,Beth

  2. I\’ll never forget what a woman said to our MOPS group a while back. When she was a young mom, she and her family moved away from the only home she\’d ever known, and she was heart-broken about the prospect. But then she decided she could either be miserable or try to be happy, and so after they moved she actively sought out a social group and church/school and got involved with volunteering and so forth. She made the effort to get to know people (instead of waiting for them to welcome her), and she said it made the move bearable and she made so many wonderful new friends.I know I\’d be heart-broken to move away from here ,but with the possibility popping up over the last couple of years, it\’s something I\’ve given a lot of thought to.I hope you are able to make new friends and find yourself at home in your new community! It is natural to miss home, but you can still be happy where you are if you know you\’re in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

  3. Hi Ann! I can\’t tell you how excited I am for you and your family – your move to Virginia will open up so many new experiences, friendships and adventures – can\’t wait to hear all about the changes you will be going through. Hope you take a moment to update your blog during all of the packing up and moving – we don\’t want to miss a moment! Good luck and God bless, Caty

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