All the news that’s fit to tell…..!! And about Virginia….

So we survived Christmas…barely….survived…..  lol.  Nah, it was good.  We had one moment of Kiki having a near melt-down (over her new coat, and I was about to have my own meltdown because I felt she was being terribly ungrateful… and there is no one to blame other than that stupid mother who spoils her….) Thank God for my amazingly changed husband who was calm and kind and pulled us back from the brink…. Have I told you that he’s been a different person the last month or so??  He’s been reading…. and God has been changing him.  It’s – beyond – amazing.  Seriously.   But she loves the coat, crisis averted…. too much excitement, too little sleep, too much sugar…. we’re good now. 
I am – seriously – considering moving my blog to another site.  It’s not just the changes here that have made it more and more difficult, but in reading the blogs of other friends and relations, there are just some out there that look so much more, I don’t know, professional or something.  They just have a nicer look, somehow.  But, I hate leaving this spot behind…. I’m trying to figure out if I can do two at the same time…. anyway, it’s rolling around in my head, and I wanted to let you know.
Now, the big news!!!  REALLY big news!!
We are – definately – moving to Virginia.  WOW.  That’s wild, huh?!  Alan took the job, and he will actually be flying back east next Monday, January 5th, to start work.  Wow.  (I have to keep saying that!)  I am still partly in denial; I’m pretty good at it!  So he’ll leave, and I will have to do all the work for selling the house and packing…. because we just want to have fun together before he goes!  I will be so, soooo sorry when I have to start working around here!!  Yikes.  I am excited, sad, and somewhat terrified.  People keep telling me how different Easterners are from us Westerners… so, I’ll be a freak – odd man out – oh, well, I’ve been that before.  (Try being a born-again Christian, coffee lover, with an only child, living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Lol.)  Virginia is so far away!  I’ve never lived where a day’s drive (albeit a long day’s drive) couldn’t get you to your family’s homes…. so this will be different.  I’m excited, because there is so much to see and do back there that I have never done, and the shopping has got to be way better that here in ‘flyover’ country…. hey, they have IKEA and Nordstrom!  And Trader Joe’s!  And, and….!!!  Although, the cost of living is higher, so I’m only hoping that I will have money to actually shop with….   I am sad and a bit concerned for Kiki, taking her away from her cousins and grandparents and friends…. this is harder to do now that I’m a parent.  Alan and I have moved alot, but not with Kiki…. well, twice, and she’s thrown up like crazy the night before the ‘big day’ both times, even though once she was only 3!  Ugh.  She’s excited, though, as well…. scared, sad, excited.  I’m sure this all fed into the Christmas day insanity.  She’s really upset about daddy going without us, and worried about how long it will be before we are together again.  We are all in that boat.  Alan has already been in tears, thinking about it.  And, you know, a few months ago, I’d have been ready to send him away – now he’s all wonderful, so I’m going to really, really miss him!  What’s up with THAT? 
Well, I will be back with more on the whole sitch, but for now, here are a few Christmas pictures….and my pictures seem to be squished here, so you’ll have to clic on them individually if you want to see the whole picture (stupid Spaces!)
The cat loved the day!
Kiki made a Gingerbread train ~ (she works fast, if not precise, lol!)
The cat was oh, so cozy….
Kiki’s stocking I made for her when she was a baby ~
The cat helped me wrap gifts ~
His favorite hanging out spot ~
enjoying the unwrapping ~
The Christmas Carnage ~  lol
The fabulous coat (it has a matching hat) ~ she’s been getting looks, and loves it!
the cat is enjoying  his ‘nip gift ~
our neighborhood ~
a wee bit o’ snow on our patio ~
ice on our driveway – doesn’t it look cool?
Well, that’s all for now!  I better go get dressed for when Kiki and Alan get back from the bank…. we might go to a movie…. or something…. not housecleaning!!

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  1. Nice pictures. Great coat.Virginia? We were in Virginia last Christmas with the ex boyfriend and his family. It is nice there. We went to Ikea!!I like the blogger blog a lot better. Much easier to do stuff once I have got the hang of it. I will have to check about the comment thing! I have had my msn Space for 3 and a half years so I don\’t know if I can completely move over or just keep this one open.Thanks for your comment about Marissa. She really is a great kid.Nice gingerbread train!!Moving is so exciting and frightening!!!

  2. Wow! That is exciting news~ we really enjoyed our visit to Virginia last year & would love to go back again, but you get to live there :-)I\’ve done the "dual-citizenship" thing with MSN & Blogger for 2 yrs; I just write my post in Word & publish the same stuff on each site. But with all the "improvements" around Spaces lately, I find that I don\’t spend as much time here- too cumbersome to get around to visit 😛 I\’ll keep it, just to be in touch with the diehards, but expend my creativity in the ather garden 🙂

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